Get to know River La Vie

River La Vie is one of Brisbane's hidden gems. It's the type of place you find by accident and tell all your friends about, and this is what happened with the current owner. He came to the restaurant one day and fell in love with the view and the atmosphere, so he bought the place. His vision, alongside his head chef, is to create a unique menu made with fresh Australian produce, the result? Australian fusion! A menu full of colour and flavour with something to suit everyone. As you can see by the images around the site, the presentation of the meals is impeccable, with a wide range of vibrant colours that complement the gardens spring flowers.

Since taking over the restaurant (formerly Alfreds Tennyson) the management team has not only increased the trading hours to include dinner, they have completely changed the feel of the venue. The amount of effort they have gone to, to make this a fun, vibrant yet homely environment is astounding. Everything has been designed with good intention and implemented with purpose. By using fresh Australian produce, Maleny Milk, Organic Dark Chocolate and locally sourced coffee (QLD origin) they have really created a place that is not only quality but environmentally conscious too.

So why not come down with the family, meet up with the girls for drinks or simply sit and read the paper surrounded by our beautiful gardens. You won't be disappointed.

A Friendly and Welcoming Environment